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USA Media Contact & Email Lists for Sale

Our Media Contact & Email List are one of the many lists we provide here at We provide many different types of list for many different areas and our reps are standing by ready to help you when you are ready to buy. Our toll free phone numer is (888)796-4563.

Buy Media Contact & email lists to increase your business and sales leads in USA. If you have any question or inquiry regarding our email lists then please email us at or call toll free number (818) 634-3357


7,700+ Radio Stations.
6,800+ TV Stations.
45,000+ Newspapers.
SALE Price: $495.00
Records Come With:
Media Company Name
Media Type (Newspaper/Radio Station/TV Station)
Contact Title
Phone Number
FAX Number
Email Address
Website Address
File Format: .csv (Microsoft Excel) File
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** Free DVD Hard Copy Mailed To Your Door **
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Benefits of Media Contact & Email Lists?

Lists of media or news papers and TV news channels are available here.

Benefits for TV news channel

TV news channels will be able to get good advertising deals by registering them here, so that people will find them easily for advertising or business promotion or any news display purpose.

Benefits for News papers

The News paper companies will get goods advertising and news deals from new people or customers or companies.

Benefits for people

People will use this email list for their personal news display requirement or any special news display purpose or advertise purpose.

Benefits for business organization

Most of the business organizations have the broad opportunities here, to spread their business through attractive advertising.